2024 Florida Senior Games, presented by Humana, December, TBD, Florida's Sports Coast/Pasco County

Date is forthcoming

Tentative Location
The Sleepy Hollow Sports Complex
2775 Hollow Lane
Leesburg, Florida 34748

Not available at this time.

Hotel information is forthcoming.

Entry Fee
$225 per team.

Partner Finder
While the Florida Senior Games offers a “Partner Finder,” service for those in need of a doubles or team partner, It is the responsibility of the athlete to make contact with other athletes. FSG will not put together teams or form partnerships. Florida Senior Games staff and sport directors will not assign partners at the Games.

CLICK HERE to post your entry. By posting the entry, you are agreeing that your information will be shared with other athletes, captains, and/or coaches.

CLICK HERE to see a listing of potential partners and teams. Once you have found a team/partner, please email games@playinflorida.com to remove your name from the list.”

Registration is forthcoming.

Entry Deadline
The registration deadline is forthcoming.  Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and divisions could close prior to the deadline based on entries. Refund and Payment Policy
Due to the number of refund requests received in the past and the administrative expenses involved with registration processing, the Florida Sports Foundation has a strict NO REFUND policy.  There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

Insurance is the responsibility of each participant.  Every participant should be sure to have proof of insurance.

Sportsmanship and fair play are the cornerstones of the Florida Senior Games, and are at the core of the Olympic ideal.  The Florida Sports Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any Games participant for the improper use of alcohol or drugs, the destruction of property, unsportsmanlike conduct, or any other behavior that is detrimental to the Games.

Entry Requirements

  • No entries will be accepted after a noted date.
  • Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Entries will be limited by division.
  • Teams must submit their original Official Championship Roster and Official ASA Travel Permit signed by their local ASA Commissioner, or designee, at the mandatory coaches meeting along with a signed Waiver of Liability for each player.  Do not mail these forms with the Florida Senior Games Team Entry Form.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm their registration by contacting games@playinflorida.com or calling (850) 577-7200.
  • Players can only be on one team roster.  Players may play on one Men’s or Women’s team and one COED team based upon their submitted rosters.  NO PICKUPS ALLOWED.
  • Player identification per ASA Code will be enforced if there is a protest on eligibility.  It is recommended that each player have photo identification with the player’s signature.
  • Per ASA Southern Region Code, if a team has already secured a berth into the National Championship Finals Tournament, the team is still eligible to participate without losing its berth.  If that team wins the Florida Senior Games, the next placed team will be awarded the berth.

 Games Format

  • Three Game Elimination format.  This is an ASA championship tournament (ASA State Championship).
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three teams in each division.

 Sport Rules

  • This tournament will be conducted in accordance to National Senior Games Association
  • Home team decided by a coin toss.
  • No metal cleats.
  • Forfeit time is game time.
  • A game may start and continue with 9 players, the 10th player will be added when he/she arrives. The men’s bracket may play 1 extra player (EP).  The Coed may play with 1 female and 1 male EP. At no time can 2 males bat back-to-back in coed play.  The EP may be substituted to a defensive position without reporting to the official scorekeeper.
  • Protest fee is $50 cash. An umpire’s judgment call is not protest able.
  • Uniforms should be matching shirts with numbers on the back.
  • If a player or coach is ejected from the game, they will be suspended for the remainder of that game. If a player or coach is ejected at the conclusion of the game, they will be suspended for the following game.  A second ejection of the same player or coach will result in suspension from the tournament.  The Tournament Director or Site Manager reserves the right to suspend any player or coach at any time for unsportsmanlike behavior.
  • Fighting or obscene language will not be tolerated! Any fighting by a player or team will result in the suspension of the team from the tournament.
  • In the case of inclement weather, NSGA rules will be followed to determine berths. NO REFUNDS. Tournament Director reserves the right to change format and venues due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  • In Class E, teams may only score five runs or increase their lead run total by five runs in an inning.  For example, the home team leading 8-3 in the third inning and may score five more runs, or 13-3.  A team behind can always score 5 more runs than their opponent. (that the behind team can play catch up or only 5 runs)
  • In Class E, first over the fence home run is a single, the next over-the-fence Home Run is an out and the third over-the-fence Home Run will be half inning ending for that team.  Each additional over-the-fence Home Run will end that half inning for the offending team (team that has hit 3 or more over the fence home runs).
  • CLICK HERE for a copy of the 2023 Florida Senior Games Rule Book.

    National Senior Games Qualifying Rules
    2024 is a qualifying year for the 2025 National Senior Games, to be held July 24-August 4, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Sports Director
Avis L. Vaught
727-385-0810 or sportzrecrat@gmail.com

FSF Contact
OJ Hill
(850) 577-7207 or ojhill@playinflorida.com

Nick Gandy
(850) 322-3404 or media@playinflorida.com