2024 Florida Senior Games, December, 2-15, Florida's Sports Coast/Pasco County

Schedule and Location
Saturday, December 7, 2024

Wiregrass Ranch Sports Campus
3021 Sports Coast Way
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

Dates and Times are Subject to Change

10:00 a.m.: check in
11:00 a.m.: competition begins

  • Singles – BT013

Florida Senior Games Qualifying Rules
OPEN – no qualifying performance required.

Entry Requirements
1.  Bag Toss entry fee is $25 per participant and includes an event t-shirt. T-shirts will be distributed on-site at designated competition check-in time.

2.  All entries must be received by a November date to be determined.Late entries are $25.00 and may be accepted at the discretion of the Event Director.

3.  Bags and boards shall be provided.

1.  Matches will be best 2 out of 3 games.

2.  Each game is divided into a maximum of 8 frames or the first person to score 21 points, whichever comes first. If the score is tied after 8 frames, one additional frame will be played to determine a game winner.

3.  A single coin toss will determine choice of throwing side, who throws first and choice of bag color. The winner of the coin toss will be considered Player A and chooses side and bag color. Player B will have choice of side and throw first in game 2. Game three, Player A will throw first and have choice of side. Players will compete with the same color bags for the entire 3 games.

4.  Single elimination is planned.

5.  The tournament director reserves the right to change the format based on total number of athletes in a division.

Sport Rules
1.  All matches will be conducted in accordance with American Cornhole League Rules (ACL) rules, except as modified herein.

2.  Boards shall be 24” x 48”. The hole shall be 6” in diameter, centered 9” from the top of the board and 12” from each side edge. The front of the board is 3” – 4” from bottom to top. The back of the board is 12” from bottom to top. The angle of the back legs to the board should be approximately 109 degrees. The playing surface should be finish-sanded to a smooth texture. There should be no blemishes in the surface that might disrupt or distort play. The playing surface can be painted with a high gloss latex paint or varnish. The surface should allow bags to slide when thrown, but no so slippery that bags slide back down the platform. There shall be 8 bags; 4 each of two different colors. The bags shall be 6” x 6” square and weigh 1 pound each and the preferred (not required) filling is corn. A canvas like durable material is recommended.

3.  For men 70+ and all women, the boards shall be measured to be 20’ apart (front of board to front of board). For men 50 – 69, the boards shall be measured to be 24’ apart (front of board to front of board).

4.  1 point shall be awarded per bag on the board. 3 points for every bag that is thrown or knocked into the hole. Bag cancellation method will apply. For example, if both players have 1 bag each in the hole, zero points are awarded. If one player has 1 bag in the hole and the other player has 1 bag on the board, 2 points will be awarded.

5.  A bag that comes into contact with the ground before the board is not a legal throw and will be removed from play and point consideration. A bag that is touching the ground while also sitting on the board will also be removed from play and point consideration. A bag must completely clear the hole to be in the hole. A bag hanging partially in the hole is a bag on board, not in the hole.

6.  All bags are scored depending on where they are after all 8 bags have been thrown. Sometimes, the bags are pushed off the boards or slide into the hole after they are thrown. Scoring is calculated on the final spot of the bags whether it be on the board or in the hole.

7.  The line extending parallel to the front of the board is considered the foul line.

8.  The following actions shall be considered fouls
a. Thrower stepping over the foul line.
b. Thrower throws out of turn
c. When alternating turns, a player tosses his/her bag before the previously thrown bag comes to rest on the board.

9.  The following penalties shall be assessed for fouls:
a. One foul: warning and opponent chooses to have a re-throw or not.
b. Subsequent fouls after warning: Loss of turn, bag is removed from that frame’s scoring.

Hotel information for the Bag Toss Championships is forthcoming.

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FSF Staff Contact
OJ Hill

State Director
Mary May

Nick Gandy
(850) 322-3404 or media@playinflorida.com