Schedule and Location
Date TBA
Location TBA

*50-yard Backstroke – SW036
*100-yard Backstroke – SW037
*200-yard Backstroke – SW038
*50-yard Breaststroke – SW039
*100-yard Breaststroke – SW040
*200-yard Breaststroke – SW049
*50-yard Butterfly – SW041
*100-yard Butterfly – SW042
*200-yard Butterfly – SW043
*50-yard Freestyle – SW044
*100-yard Freestyle – SW045
*200-yard Freestyle – SW046
*200-yard Freestyle Relay – On-site Only
*500-yard Freestyle – SW048
*100-yard Individual Medley – SW053
*200-yard Individual Medley – SW050
*200-yard Medley Relay – On-site Only
*400yard Individual Medley – SW052

Florida Senior Games Qualifying Rules
OPEN – no qualification performance is necessary.

Entry Requirements
1.  Swimming entry fee is $25 for the first event and $3 for each additional event Florida residents. Entry fee is $30 for the first event and $5 for each additional event for non-residents. Entry fee includes an event t-shirt. T-shirts will be distributed on-site at designated competition check-in time. A short survey will be required to be completed at check-in. This survey can be found online at, and can be completed in advance and brought to check-in.

2.  Relay events are open to all athletes registered for swimming and are not subject to additional entry fees. Relay teams may only register on-site during designated time above.

3.  All entries must be received by November 20, 2020 at Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Event Director. Athletes registering after November 20, 2020 will not be guaranteed a t-shirt and may be subject to a $10 late fee.

4.  Swimmers must note their qualifying time from their Local Senior Games in the section labeled “Other” on the individual entry form. Entries will not be accepted without a qualifying time for each event. Non-residents who have not competed at a Local Senior Games should enter their best time this season in this section.

5.  Swimmers may enter a maximum of six events, not including relays.

6.  Swimmers must provide their own suits, caps, goggles, towels, etc.

All swimming events will be timed finals.

1. Warm-up time will be available.

2.  Events will be held in a 25-yard heated pool. Warm-up lanes will be provided.

3.  Fourth place ribbons will be awarded in addition to Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Florida residents. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to top overall athletes if non-residents are in contention for medals.

Sports Rules
1.  This meet will be conducted in accordance with United States Masters Swimming (USMS) rules, except as modified herein. The major points of the rules include:

a. Starts: The forward start may be taken from the starting blocks, the pool deck or a push from the wall. The Backstroke start is taken from the wall. A false start will result in disqualification.

b. Turns: The Breaststroke and Butterfly turns must be done with both hands touching the wall simultaneously. The Backstroke and Freestyle events require some part of the body to touch the wall.

c. Backstroke: There are no rules pertaining to arm or leg movements. The swimmer is allowed to turn over on his/her stomach during the turn prior to touching the wall.

d. Breaststroke: Appropriate stroke is required. After the start and after each turn, at any time prior to the first breast stroke kick, a single butterfly (dolphin) kick is permitted, following which, all movements of the legs shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal plane without alternating movement.

e. Butterfly: The appropriate stroke is required. The whip kick or the dolphin kick may be used exclusively or interchangeably while doing the Butterfly.

f. Freestyle: Swimmers must touch the wall at each turn and at the finish. Any stroke may be used and swimmers may switch strokes whenever they wish, except that in an individual medley event, freestyle means any stroke other than butterfly, breaststroke or backstroke.

g. Individual Medley: The order of strokes in the Individual Medley is Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. Rules for the individual strokes govern strokes and turns.

h. General: Any swimmer who uses improper methods in order to obtain an advantage over his/her competition will be disqualified from that event.

2.  Relay age divisions will be determined by the age of the youngest team member as of December 31 of the competition year.

3.  All swimsuits must conform with USMS Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition.

Hotel information for the swimming competition is forthcoming.

Registration for the 2020 Florida Senior Games is forthcoming.


FSF Staff Contact
Karissa Pendleton
(850) 577-7211 or

State Director
Ajene Snow
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Jason Hendrix
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