2024 Florida Senior Games, presented by Humana, December, TBD, Florida's Sports Coast/Pasco County

Schedule and Location

Florida Senior Games Qualifying Rules
OPEN – no qualification performance is necessary.

Entry Requirements
1.  Dominoes entry fee is $20 per participant.

2.  All entries must be received by a November, 2023 date to be announced Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Event Director.

3.  Dominoes and tables shall be provided.

1.  This is a Multiple Partners Tournament: individual, random partners, to be played over seven (7) rounds of one Set each round.

2.  A special system will be used whereby at all times the player ranked first at the start of a new Round, will always partner with the player ranked 3rd to play against the player ranked 2nd partnered with the player ranked 4th on table 1.

3.  On table 2 the player ranked 5th will partner with 7th against player ranked 6th partnered with 8th, etc., etc., etc. This principle will apply for each Round except the first Round where the table assignments will be drawn by a computer program.

4.  The first pair to win six (6) games, wins the Set, thereby winning that Round.

5.  Based on each player’s accumulated score at the end of a Round, a new partner will likely qualify in the next Round for the position of the previous partner. However, it is possible that when the scores are very close, a player could be assign the same partner more than once, all as a result of the computer program.

6.  Win or lose, all players will compete in each of the seven (7) Rounds.

7.  At the end of the seventh Round, the player with the highest accumulated score wins the Tournament.

8.  The accumulated scores principle will apply throughout the tournament, such that the player with the highest accumulated score wins 1st Prize, all alone, by him/her self, and so on for 2nd, 3rd, etc., a single winner each place.

Sports Rules
1.  Each Round will begin and end promptly. As For late arrivals, penalty games will be added to each violator’s accumulated score as follows: • 1 minute – 1 game • 5 minutes – 2 games • 6 minutes – The individual violator only forfeits with a 0/6 loss

2.  “Rotation of pose” format will at the beginning of a Round, the dominoes will be shuffled, face down. Before sitting, each player will blindly draw a single domino, and whoever draws the highest card will be the 1st poser. THERE ARE NO TIES AT THIS STAGE: 6/1 BEATS 4/3, 5/2 BEATS 4/3, 3/1 BEATS 2/2, ETC. Play will proceed anti-clockwise. “Rotation of pose” will continue in all other games. NOTE: Make a mark on the scorecard beside the 1st Poser’s name so as to ensure accuracy in the rotation…..which means partners may not exchange positions.

3.  There will be no drinking, nor use of cellular phones during the play. Violators will be warned first for time wasting, then be penalized one game if repeated. Absolutely no smoking allowed in the room.

4.  At his/her turn to play, each player may only move his/her hand towards, a single domino in the holder. Once indicated, that domino must be played. No changes which could construe many different “things.”

5.  Doubles must be posed horizontally in the center of the table, Non-doubles must be posed adjacently with the larger side to the partner.

6.  After each play is made, the space from which the domino to played was removed must remain open. The remaining unplayed dominoes may not be touched.

7.  There are NO ONE-AWAYS in this the player who violates loses 1 game, but his partner does not. The opponents do not earn a game from a violation, but do have the option to continue that game, or abandon it. If abandoned, the next player in line will pose any domino. Not the last poser, not double six. The rotation must continue, regardless.

8.  At 1-all (that is one hand/game won by each Multiple Partner team) the set will No restarts. • In the event of a Blocked hand/game, the player with the lowest count wins that game for him and his we are scoring by hands won. Combined count is not applicable.

9.  If the lowest individual score on one side is tied with that of an opponent, the following hand/game will be played for a 2 games win….except when one pair already has 5 games won….then the tie-breaker must be played for 1 game.

10.  The next player in the “Rotation of pose” sequence must pose any domino, to start this and every Derby/Tiebreaker. NOT DOUBLE Remember? 6/6 IS UNIMPORTANT!

11.  If there are consecutive Derby hands/games, the team which finally wins after these Tiebreakers will still win 2 games only, and 1 only where 5 games were already THE JUDGES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL!

CLICK HERE for a copy of the 2023 Florida Senior Games Rule Book.

Hotel information for the dominoes competition is forthcoming.

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FSF Staff Contact
OJ Hill
(850) 577-7207 or ojhill@playinflorida.com

For Details call:
(786) 289-7933 or visit http://50plusdomino.com