2019 FSG Series Qualifiers

As the 2018 Florida Senior Games, presented by Humana, registration deadline counts down to Sunday, Florida’s Senior Athletes can start filling in dates for 2019 Florida Senior Games competitions statewide.

The Florida Sports Foundation, in conjunction with 20 local communities around Florida, announces the 2019 Florida Senior Games schedule of local qualifiers that begin in February 2019.

The opening weekend of the 2019 Calendar of Qualifiers is Saturday, February 2 and features competition at the Heartland Senior Games in Highlands County, the Gulf Coast Senior Games in Sarasota County, and the Lee County Senior Games.

Five local games begin during February with four in March and two in April.  After taking the summer months off, the calendar resumes in September with three local games qualifiers, five in October, and one in November.

“The 2019 Florida Senior Games Local Qualifiers are the starting point for the senior athlete’s journey,” said Marvin E. Green, Jr., Florida Sports Foundation Vice President of Amateur Sports and Events. “Once the athletes find their game on the local level, they have the opportunity to bring their game to the state level at the Florida Senior Games.  From there they can go on to a national level. We proudly support the efforts of all of the local communities who provide this starting point for the Florida Senior Games.”

While many of the Florida Senior Games Local Qualifiers provide the opportunity to compete in sports that will be available at the 28th Annual Florida Senior Games, to be held in December 7-15, 2019, many other local qualifiers offer a diverse menu of sports and events.

The Polk Senior Games, to be held in February and March, offers over 40 sports and events.  Besides providing qualifying opportunities for the Florida Senior Games, the Polk Senior Games offers Senior Smarts, Fishing, Sport Shooting, Punt, Pass and Kick competitions, and Dancing events.

“We try to have something for everyone and anyone with all types of physical abilities,” said Deena Wilbur, Executive Director of the Polk Senior Games.  “It gives folks in the many senior communities in Polk County something to look forward to and the chance to see people once a year they know and care about.  It’s mostly about people having fun at events that aren’t terribly competitive but very social.”

The 2019 calendar concludes in November with the 45th Annual Golden Age Games in Sanford and Seminole County.  The Golden Age Games are recognized at the first Senior Games event in the country dating back to 1974.

Visit for a listing and contact information for the 20 Local Senior Games Qualifiers.

The online registration deadline for the 2018 Florida Senior Games is Sunday, November 18 and athletes waiting until the last minute to register can do so at

The 2018 Florida Senior Games, presented by Humana, will be held December 1-9, in Clearwater and Pinellas County.

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